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Mineral Liquid Foliar

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Munash Renew is a powerful foliar application and soil additive that delivers essential minerals and elements directly to plant surfaces. This versatile product can be applied to both the plant foliage and the soil or growing mediums in which your produce thrives.

By using Mineral Liquid Foliar, you provide your plants with a top source of nourishment, ensuring a balanced and healthy growth. This helps protect them from diseases and bacterial fungus, while enhancing their ability to absorb minerals from Munash Rockdust and the surrounding soil.

With Munash Renew, your plants experience improved quality, structure and overall vigor. It's 100% natural, organic and chemical-free, making it safe to use around children and pets. The mineral-rich composition sourced from the Southern Ocean Sea aids the plants in connecting to the earth's minerals, leading to stronger resistance against pests, diseases, frosts and climate changes. Just like a favourite moisturiser for healthy, glowing skin, think of Renew as the secret to fresh, vibrant leaves!

  • 250ml - Covers up to 400m2
  • Application: Foliar application and soil additive
  • Benefits:
    • Provides vital minerals and elements directly to plant surfaces
    • Balances plant growth and health
    • Guards against diseases and bacterial fungus
    • Enhances mineral absorption from Munash Rockdust and soil
    • Reduces dehydration in plants
    • Improves plant quality, structure, and vigor
    • 100% Natural, organic, and chemical-free; safe for children and pets
    • Connects plants to both sea and earth minerals
    • Supports resistance against pests, diseases, frosts, and climate changes
  • Composition: Mineral liquid fertiliser made from Southern Ocean Sea water
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Foliar application: Mix ½ capful of Munash Renew in a watering can or use a dash in a spray bottle, then apply to plant foliage and seedlings.
    • Seed soaking: Soak seeds overnight in Munash Renew before planting.

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