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Atlantis Corporation is one of the leading provider of eco-friendly products for indutrial purposes. From Drainage Sytems, Modular Tanks, Retaining Wall Drainage and more.

All products are designed to promote better water management and quality overall, eliminate aerial contaminations & toxins, and advocate better mental health that can benefit different communities.

Atlantis Drainage Cells

Atlantis Drainage Cells are sustainable infiltration systems that are designed for an effective excess rainwater cleaning for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. 

Atlantis Drainage Systems are all built to drain water on different moisture and permeability levels of the soil. This promotes dynamic and economical water management that can be re-used for many different purposes and is eco-friendly at the same time.

Atlantis Flo-cell (Drainage Cell)

Atlantis Flo-cell is a well built infiltration cell that caters many application, where drainage of excess water is highly needed. In Sports Fields flo-cell helps for recovery of deteriorated areas and prolonging the life of grass-covered spots by keeping just an optimum level of moisture; for Green Roof purposes, Atlantis flo-cell provides an ideal solution for reducing flow of water to the ground, promoting growth of vegetation and plants.

Atlantis Flo-cell

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Atlantis Flo-wall

A perfect solution of controlling leak, Atlantis flo-wall serves as wall infiltration and insulation system for both commercial and industrial needs. Atlantis Flo-wall is a 'high-strength' prefabricated products made from an Italian Hydrophilic Geotextiles that will not crush over time and is effective for drainage purposes.

It is also one of the best solutions for rapid drainage that is usually present on saturated areas such as underground parking, bridge abutments, basements, tunnels, etc. 

Atlantis Flo-wall

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Atlantis Flo-wall


Atlantis Flo-log and Flo-pipe

Atlantis Flo-log and Flo-pipe are infiltration plates and tubes ideal for drainage purposes of many industrial areas such as: Agriculture, Mining, Sport facility management. 

Atlantis Flo-logs and pipes can easily be installed and combined/connected to each other for any size and length requirement. They are light and easy to be transported but with high resistance to compression. 

Atlantis Flo-log and Flo-pipe

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Atlantis Flo-log & Flo-pipe


Atlantis Modular Water Tanks

Atlantis Modular Water Tanks provides cleaner storm water and a much proper water management and flow through communities.  These products are an ideal solution to maximise land usage, improve water recycling and to lessen negative impact on the environment.

As opposed to the traditional system where polluted and contaminated rainwater is discharged into natural waterways, Atlantis Modular Water Tanks are used to collect and filter rainwater to be reused for economical and environmental purposes.

Atlantis Flo-Tank

Atlantis Flo-Tank is a structural tank system designed for capturing rainwater from the source and release it to the soil. This tank system is intended to flow the filtered rainwater in a controlled manner depending on the soil's permeability level.

Atlantis Flo-Tank is an adequate alternative water storage system and water flow management especially on areas where land terrain and geometry are prioritized.

Atlantis Flo-tanks
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    Atlantis Flo-vaults

    This lightweight modular tank system is constructed underground for storage purposes and stormwater cleaning.

    Atlantis Flo-vaults harvests and stores rainwater. It has a surface and underground infiltration technique effective for removing pollutants and other toxic elements present on the rainwater. This gives a much better stormwater management approach allowing safer and cleaner re-usable water. 

    Atlantis Flo-vaults


    Atlantis Titan tanks

    Atlantis Titan Tanks are modular underground tank systems designed for heavy loads. It is designed to perform efficient rainwater management where with heavier requirements such as in mining, airports, and other high water table applications.

    Atlantis Titan Tanks are 50mm thick modules that act as a blanket and has an interlocking system to build up layers depending on the depth and size requirement.

    Atlantis Titan tanks


    Atlantis Flo-channel

    Atlantis Flo-channel is a eco friendly underground water channel systems that is designed to capture water and filter it, the cleaner water can then be transported into the ground.

    Atlantis Flo-channel provides a high flow rate of water that is ideal for sustainable and eco-friendly purposes - this is best used in urban drainage applications like swales, bio filters, trench drainage and more.

    Atlantis Flo-channel is a system built from 4 exterior panels and either 3,4,5,6,7 or 9 interior stabilisers with different strength to choose from depending on the life expectancy and requirement of the project.

    Atlantis flo-channel


    Atlantis Flo-arch

    Atlantis Flo-arch - a modular vaulted pipeline system built underground for water infiltration purposes. Atlantis Flo-arch is an ideal product combination for Atlantis Flo-tank and Atlantis Flo-channel as they can provide designers with new construction and arrangement possibilities. 

    Atlantis Flo-arch


    Atlantis Modular Vertical Gardens

    Atlantis Modular Vertical Gardens are product systems designed for plant enthusiast folks. With its versatile and modular capabilities Atlantis Vertical Garden products allows easy installation for every home and building regardless of space capacity. These Vertical Garden products also promotes environmental benefits such as air purification, noise reduction and mental health improvement. 

    Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5

    Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5 is a vertical garden box built for better irrigation and easy-customisable design. Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5 allows plant enthusiasts to install these vertical garden tools both outdoors with adverse weather conditions and indoors with regulated temperature. Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5 has an improved wall anchoring for vertical landscapes which many designers will love.

    Gro-wall 4.5

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    Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5


    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Pro

    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Pro by the word "thin" itself, is a vertical garden system that is best for space-limited areas. This product has a thinner profile compared to Gro-Wall 4.5 but still as durable and as strong. Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Pro includes a built in drainage designed to keep plant to plant irrigation well-balanced, it also has a thinner planter tray allowing 6 litres of soil media to ensure healthy plant growth with moisture retention.

    Gro-wall Slim Pro
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    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Pro


    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line

    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line is another thin-profiled vertical garden wall system built from the success of earlier products. Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line features a drainage outlets that can be connected to standard irrigation pipes on a desired draining  locations. This is ideal for indoor planting where drainage outlets are not available or too far from the installation.

    Gro Wall Slim Line
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    Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line


    Atlantis Gro-Wall Facade

    Atlantis Gro-Wall Facade is used for creating beautifully designed facades - it features privacy screening for climbing plants and providing shades. Atlantis Gro-Wall Facade system can be easily installed for new setup or integrated with existing buildings or homes. 

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    Atlantis Gro-Wall Facade


    Atlantis Permeable Pavers

    Atlantis Permeable Paver products are lightweight yet strong and durable pavement reinforcements that are designed for better water treatment and lower the risk of flooding. These products also aims to promote eco-friendly benefits by treating and filtering rainwater from pollutants making it less toxic and re-usable. 

    Atlantis Road Cell

    Atlantis Road Cell is a permeable pavement surface designed to be highly resistant and is suitable for high traffic areas such as roads, strees, avenues or mining trails where medium and heavy load transports are always present. 

    Atlantis Road Cell are also used for drainage purposes such as drainage ditches and rainwater collection where water is redirected to other surface drainage areas.

    Atlantis Road Cell



    Atlantis Gravel Cell

    Atlantis Gravel Cells acts as a pavement reinforcement that helps water infiltration while forming a strong and durable ground surface for areas with high traffic such as roads, residential streets, and vehicle or boat ramps. Atlantis Gravel Cell promotes a better water treatment in most types of projects, when installed for gutter and drainage construction, they collect and absorb rainwater and re-use it.

    Compared to bitumen or concrete systems, Atlantis Gravel Cell provides a much better cost-effective solution - it helps to lessen the drainage of storm water on impermeable grounds such as parking lots and prolong the pavement's life.

    Atlantis road cell

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    Atlantis Gravel Cell 

    Atlantis Turf Cell

    Atlantis Turf Cell is a permeable pavement cell that can be installed for vertical and horizontal plant root growth. It can be used for landscapes that has low to medium traffic such as residential parking and driveways.

    Atlantis Turf Cell is designed for efficient longevity and is an ideal solution for lawn parking where maximum load capacity is 4,000 ton / m2. 

    Atlantis turf cell

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    Atlantis Turf Cell

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