Solar Hot Water Rebates

Solar Hot Water Rebates

Solar Hot water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems Rebate 

Click Here for your Solar Hot Water System Rebate Australia Gov Calculator  Eco Sustainable House cannot claim STC's on behalf of clients.

How to claim your rebate?
Follow these 4 easy steps to claim your STC and/or VEECs rebate.

Step 1: Download and Fill out a Solar Water Heater form from one of the certificates and rebates trading companies.

Ensure that you read the form, and provide correct and accurate information.

The certificate and rebate assignment forms from various STC and VEECs Trading Companies can be found at the links below:

Greenbank (STC, VEEC Form available)
Green Energy Trading (STC, VEEC and REES Form available)
Hot Water Rebate (STC, VEEC Form available) 
Trade In Green (STC, VEEC Form available) 
Renewable Energy Traders (STC Form available) 

Step 2: Attached Supporting Documentation as requested on the respective form. For both STC & VEEC assignment forms

Proof of installation in the form of Plumber’s Compliance Certificate.
Proof of purchase in the form of Invoice(s) pertaining to the supply and installation costs of the SWH unit.
Proof of address in the form of Rates Notice.
For STC assignment forms only

STCs – photograph which depicts tank serial number (mandatory if unit will form part of a new building)
STCs – Copy of site map that indicates the location of the tank (only if there is more than one solar water heater at the address)
For VEEC assignment forms only

VEECs – Copy of Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Step 3: Send the form to the certificates trading company that you have downloaded the form from, and then they can process your payment.

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