Horse Stables

Horse Stables


In this case study, we explore the implementation of Gravel Cell, an innovative turf stabilisation product, in horse stables. We delve into the benefits of using Gravel Cell for horse stable flooring, focusing on its excellent drainage capabilities and its contribution to creating an ideal and sustainable environment for equine care. This case study highlights how Eco Sustainable House, a renowned supplier of turf stabilisation products, successfully incorporated Gravel Cell to improve horse stable flooring and drainage.

  1. The Best Drainage Solution for Stables:

When it comes to horse stables, proper drainage is crucial for maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment. To ensure the best drainage, Eco Sustainable House recommends utilizing Gravel Cell, a modular and eco-friendly turf stabilisation product. Gravel Cell is designed with a unique cell structure that allows water to drain efficiently, preventing the accumulation of moisture and reducing the risk of mud and stagnant water in the stable.

  1. Flooring Options for Horse Stalls:

The floor of a horse stall plays a vital role in ensuring the comfort, safety, and cleanliness of the horse. Eco Sustainable House understands the importance of providing a suitable flooring solution. When combined with Gravel Cell, there are various horse stable flooring materials that can be used, such as:

  • Rubber Mats: Rubber mats offer cushioning, slip resistance, and durability. When placed on top of Gravel Cell, they provide a comfortable and non-slip surface for the horses.

  • Interlocking Pavers: Interlocking pavers provide a solid and sturdy surface. When installed over Gravel Cell, they enhance stability while maintaining effective drainage.

  • Concrete with Drainage Channels: Concrete floors with integrated drainage channels can be combined with Gravel Cell for optimal drainage. The channels facilitate the flow of water, reducing the risk of pooling and promoting a clean and dry environment.

Case Study Implementation:

Eco Sustainable House worked closely with a horse stable facility seeking to improve their flooring and drainage system. The existing stable floors were prone to water pooling, resulting in muddy and unsanitary conditions. Gravel Cell was selected as the ideal solution due to its exceptional drainage capabilities and sustainability features.

  1. Gravel Cell Installation:

The Eco Sustainable House team installed Gravel Cell beneath the chosen horse stable flooring materials, ensuring a level and stable base. The cell structure of Gravel Cell allowed for efficient water drainage, preventing the accumulation of moisture and maintaining a dry and clean environment.

  1. Selection of Horse Stable Flooring:

After careful consideration, rubber mats were chosen as the primary flooring material. These mats were laid on top of the Gravel Cell system, providing a comfortable and slip-resistant surface for the horses. The combination of Gravel Cell and rubber mats offered excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring horse comfort.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of Gravel Cell and the selected horse stable flooring materials brought about significant improvements for the horse stable facility:

  • Optimal Drainage: Gravel Cell's efficient drainage capabilities eliminated water pooling, resulting in a drier and cleaner stable environment. The risk of mud and bacteria growth was significantly reduced, promoting better horse health and hygiene.

  • Enhanced Stability: The combination of Gravel Cell and rubber mats provided a stable and level surface for the horses. It offered increased traction and cushioning, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Eco Sustainable House's commitment to environmentally conscious products made Gravel Cell the ideal choice for the horse stable facility. Its use of recycled plastic contributed to a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for stable flooring and drainage needs.


Through the implementation of Gravel Cell and the selection of appropriate horse stable flooring materials, Eco Sustainable House successfully transformed the horse stable facility. The effective drainage provided by Gravel Cell, combined with the comfort and stability of the chosen flooring materials, resulted in a healthier and safer environment for the horses. The collaboration between Eco Sustainable House and the horse stable facility exemplifies the importance of utilizing innovative products like Gravel Cell to enhance horse stables and ensure the well-being of equine companions.

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