New Outdoor Copper Shower Partnership Announcement!

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with Brooklyn Copper to supply Queensland with the most beautiful, handcrafted copper showers available.

Simon from Brooklyn Copper is an ex plumber who fell in love with the creative side of Copper Fabrication. He left the world of general plumbing to focus his efforts on creating genuine masterpieces in 2015 and 7 years later, his signature 25mm Copper Showers can be seen all across Australia.

Why do we love Copper so much?   

Copper was used to carry humanity into the Bronze Age, and it has continued to help us with water, electricity, data, and other aspects of our daily lives since. Copper is a durable, high-quality metal that is also 100% recyclable, which proves and makes it ideal for developing a sustainable future. 

 Ancient Egypt Products Copper


Copper’s broad credentials and environmental features make it the ideal material, particularly in architecture and plumbing. Because of its value and structural durability, copper has been recycled and reused for literally thousands of years. Who knows, some Brooklyn Copper Showers may even carry a piece of Ancient Egypt!    

Copper has an excellent resistance to corrosion and tends to be stronger, harder and more durable than other plastic counterparts. Apart from the natural patina, Brooklyn Copper products do not rust or corrode like iron or other types of Steele. 

When water is stored in a copper bottle (or Copper water pipes) for eight hours more, copper releases some of its ions into the water, this creates a process called the Oligodynamic effect. Copper is known to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. For more information on the benefits of drinking from a Copper water jug, check this article out!

Quality Craftsmanship and Customer Service

Shower Rose Close Up


The beauty of raw copper fascinates and inspires Brooklyn Copper to where they are today. As you can see, these hand-crafted and high-quality copper products are built and designed to last. 

Brooklyn Copper also prides themselves on the dependability and quality services, and they strive for customers’ satisfaction with their products. All Brooklyn Copper shower sets come standard with a choice of taps and handles. You can also customize your own outdoor shower to achieve your own specifications. 

The Showers have been WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) tested and Brooklyn Copper only use premium materials, so it is safe to say, these Showers are made to last and are super sustainable.

Brooklyn Copper provides Australia’s most beautiful outdoor showers and we are excited to partner with them to alleviate wasteful and costly single order freight costs. Feel free to Contact Us to speak about the perfect Copper Shower for your project. 

 Shower Installed

Pictured Above: The Avalon Freestanding Copper Shower with Fire Taps

Tama Shower

Pictured Above: Tama Freestanding Copper Shower with Cross Taps

More Outdoor Showers


We also stock a variety of different outdoor showers. From a easy to ship "Just add pipe" kit, to Gooseneck copper showers with our own "Starfish Tap Handle Cover" so please take a look at our growing collection of beach and pool showers. 



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