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How to use plastic garden screens to hide ugly appliances

Do you ever get tired of your appliances or appliances in general? What about other necessary fixtures around your house? The way they look, or the fact that they never seem to change? We know we do, and we know that some of our clients do as well. This week we’re taking a look at different ways you can change the look of your appliances and how they fit into your kitchen. 


There are three different ways so far that we’ve found to change your appliances.


The first method is the most straight forward. You can get rid of the appliances you have and exchange them for alternate models that will fit with what you already have. This might involve buying specially built appliances. However, you won’t have to worry about messing up the decor you’ve spent time building your dream kitchen. So while not the most cost-effective, this one can be the easiest. 

  • Some companies offer refrigerated drawers rather than a full fridge, which is what is going on here. It looks fantastic, and you can keep everything close to hand. We think it would work best if you have a larger kitchen, though, or perhaps a hanging rack for your pots and pans? 

  • This one is definitely custom. Not only are you working with what you already have around you, but you’re building a shelf that will pop out only when you need it. It can also still be used for storing baked goods.  

  • What are the panels under your sink for? Can anyone honestly think of a reason, other than decoration? These tiny drawers solve that issue by giving you somewhere to store your sponges that are easy to clean and hide away when you’re done. 

  • We cannot tell you the number of times we’ve smacked our elbows on the knife block, or a hand or a plate. You get the picture. By creating a small sliding drawer at the end of your countertop, you add more storage space to your counter, and you don’t have to worry about smacking the knife block.


The second method is to have custom cabinetry (or something similar) that is built around the appliance. Depending on how handy you are with tools, you can either do this yourself or have someone else build them for you. These aim to blend the appliance into what you already have, making it, so they don’t stand out. Again, cost is a factor, though, because you’re working to build around or with what you have.

  • Do routers count as appliances? We’re not sure given how everything is connected to the internet these days, but we can all agree that they are undoubtedly ugly. Why should you have to look at them then? Cover them up by making them look like something else, like this row of books, for example. 

  • Bamboo screens are one option; you can also use other types of screens, such as fully wooden ones or fabric ones to hide things, such as washers, dryers, radiators, etc.

  • This company will create a drop-down section within your counter where the appliances hide until they’re needed. Definitely a custom piece. 

  • Built-in refrigerator that perfectly matches the surrounding cabinetry. If you look closely, you can see how it’s been affixed to the refrigerator doors without having to alter the fridge itself in any fashion. 

  • This one is a little bit of using what you already have and a bit of custom cabinetry to leave your kitchen clutter-free when you aren’t using them. 

  • This refrigerator has been cleverly disguised to look like an icebox. This one definitely can be done, but it’s going to take a bit of ingenuity to make it work. 

  • All three of these are the same basic concept. Taking a cabinet you already have and adding something to it so that it serves the purpose of keeping your appliances out of the way, while still easily accessible. Each one is slightly different, but that goes to show how versatile this idea can be. 

  • Adorable tiny custom box for your mixer? Check. 

  • Can we all agree that breaker boxes are atrocious? What are you supposed to do if it’s inside your home in a critical room, though? Or if you’re looking to refurbish your garage into a new room?  Build a custom box around it and make it not stand out. 

  • Continuing on with creating custom cabinets, why not hide your cat’s litter box? Give them somewhere quiet to go to the bathroom, as well as keeping you from having to smell it all the time.

  • Other than the stove, do you see any appliances in this shot? This is all custom cabinetry built around the fridge, dishwasher, and any others that the owner has. Even the oven appears to have been covered over. 


The third method is for those of us who aren’t /quite/ in love with our kitchen or need a change of pace. Maybe you’re like me, and committing to just one way of looking isn’t your thing? Or you want to test out a change before you make it more permanent? Try some of these alterations and see how they work for you! 

  • While this one isn’t exactly changing the outside appearance of what you have, it is hiding it away within what you already have, i.e., one of your cabinets. Having a trash can that stays out of the way? Provided it’s on heavy-duty rollers, yes, please. 

  • This is the perfect way to update your home, whether you own it or rent. This particular version is moisture and steam resistant, too, which means it’s excellent for your kitchen or bathroom. 

  • This one doesn’t just have to be done with doorknobs or faucets. You could also do this with the hardware for cabinets, or the handles on your appliances. 

  • Granite paint kits are fantastic. However, they can also be easily damaged if you don’t seal them right or choose the wrong one. Make sure that you do your research beforehand so that your hard work will last for years to come. 

  • This kitchen is an excellent example of creating a panel that sticks to the front of an appliance, in this case, the dishwasher, as well as reusing a space to make something new. 

  • Both of these continue on the trend of creating a panel that covers the appliance to blend in, without needing a custom cabinet around it. 

  • All of these are using different materials to go and give your appliances a makeover. Whether it’s electrical tape, paint or cling film, you can get all sorts of ideas by looking on the internet. 

  • When it’s not in use, why have your tv just sitting there? Why not hide it and have a beautiful piece of artwork instead? 

  • Cords are a fact of life with electronics. But who says they have to be ugly? You can use cord wraps like these, or get inventive and use painters tape to create your own designs. 

  • Plain doors are the worst in this blogger’s opinion. They need depth! Fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to do that with just a bit of paint and masking tape. 

Thanks for joining us this week!  If you have other ways to disguise an appliance or update their look, let us know in the comments below or over at our Facebook page. 

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