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Freestanding Outdoor Shower Inspiration

In the market for a freestanding outdoor shower? Look no further, Eco Sustainable House has a selection of outdoor pool and beach washdown showers. If copper is not your thing, we are happy to recommend some competing products in the chrome finish style.

Outdoor Copper Showers

But first, let us show you our favourite Copper Outdoor Showers from our partner Brooklyn Copper. Simon and his team at Brooklyn Copper make the most amazing hand crafted product you will find. The signature 25mm and 50mm copper products are built to last! No two showers are exactly the same, as his team hand makes each shower out of his New South Wales factory. These Showers are sure to be the feature of any outdoor oasis.

1. The "Lennox Freestanding Shower"

Simple and elegant. The shower does come with a variety of different options, from Hot & Cold to tap type and additional foot wash tap, this is the most popular freestanding copper shower on the market and I'm sure you can see why! Click here to shop this freestanding shower

Outdoor Freestanding Shower

 2. The "Avalon" Outdoor pool shower

Prefer to have the taps separated? The Avalon is the perfect fit for you. This is my personal favourite and the feature photo shows a pretty epic outdoor shower complimented by stone privacy wall. Click here to shop this pool shower

freestanding shower in front of stone wall

3. The "Tama" 

This beauty shows some master craftmanship by Simon and his team at Brooklyn Copper. If you are looking for something a little unique, this is the shower for you! The soap holders are a special order, contact us for more details. Click here to view The Tama

Tama Outdoor Shower

Feature Post mounted Shower Ideas

If you are looking for a freestanding shower because the product will be installed in an area with no wall, you might also like to consider a feature timber post that the shower taps and rain shower head installed by a crafty plumber. As you can see in the image below, the Valla Shower Set works perfectly with a recycled timber post

Timber post and shower

Other Freestanding Outdoor Pool Showers


We have curated a pretty awesome collection of outdoor shower ideas on our Pinterest account. Click here to check it out If you have any questions around custom designed showers, please feel free to contact us. 

Thanks for reading! 


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