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The construction of sustainable homes in Australia has been a growing trend in 2018, according to Green Roofs Australasia website. Many people are spending more time with their loved ones relaxing at home. To adapt to new sustainability trends, many homeowners are opting to make eco-friendly improvements to their homes. The earth’s resources are getting depleted, and therefore, it’s vital for you to take necessary measures to protect the environment.

Here are some simple DIY maintenance tips for more eco-friendly home:

Minimize Wastage of Water

One of the eco-friendly ways to reduce water usage and minimize wastage in your home is byusing gutters to trap and direct rainwater to storage tanks. It’s a sustainable mechanism that can reduce the use of energy by water pumps. Smart water pumps that automatically switch themselves can be installed. Other measures that can be taken by you include fixing leaks in the pipes to minimize water wastage, not letting the tap water run without use and by changing your lifestyle. One of the holistic approaches that you can take in your lifestyle includes installing a low flowing shower head that saves a lot of water.

Clean Using Natural Products

Many of the cleaning solutions and detergents contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your health in the long run. After using the cleaning solutions, it’s washed away with water and drains into the sewer and sometimes the chemicals mix with the water supply. It means that the water has to undergo thorough purification that uses more energy before it’s released for human use. However, you might be ignoring the eco-friendly cleaning substitutes that can be used right in your home. Consider using natural products such as lemon, vinegar, baking soda among other alternatives for your daily cleaning tasks in place of toxic chemicals and contribute to a green environment.

Compost Your Food Leftovers 

Composting is a good way of maintaining an eco-friendly environment. Instead of disposing of the food scraps and leftovers in your home, you can opt for a compost bin. The size of the bin depends on the size of your home and the leftovers you have daily. You can be surprised that the amount of food you throw away is beneficial to you. For people having gardens at their backyard, compost is the ultimate natural source of fertiliser for their soil. Compost-grown food is rich in nutrients and free of chemicals. You can start contributing to a sustainable environment today by simply getting a compost bin and fill it with the food waste.

More people globally are becoming environmentally conscious, and that’s a positive thing to embrace. Adopting eco-friendly home maintenance ideas helps you contribute to a green, sustainable environment and further saves you money.

Author Ali Chalmers (Environmental Research)

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